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Lucky John Alien Bug 1.5"/3.8cm

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The Alien Bug from Lucky John is a great creature bait that imitates an insect in a spectacular way. This creature bait is characterized by its detailed body and its large paddle tail. Because of this large paddle tail the creature bait is very mobile underwater which creates a great, very seductive action. The creature bait is suitable for fishing for all sorts of predatory fish, both in freshwater and saltwater. To make this creature bait even more attractive it has been added a strong mackerel scent!

- Available in different colors!
- Great creature bait
- Length: 1.5"/ 3,8cm
- Number of pieces: 10
- Insect-like imitation bait
- Very agile underwater
- Detailed body
- Large paddle tail
- Spectacular action
- With mackerel smell
- For fishing on different species of predatory fish
- Suitable for fresh- and saltwater fishing