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Korda Textured Square Pear wheights

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New Korda leads with special granular coating! For two decades Korda has been known for its progressive leads that have an extremely durable Ardon coating. In addition to these Ardon coated lures, Korda now has a new range of lures that take camouflage qualities to an even higher level. These new leads, called “textured leads” with their very matte coating, will completely blend in with the bottom. At the same time, the granules incorporated in this new coating will absorb some sediment from the bottom and thus provide the ultimate camouflage for us anglers.

Korda Textured Coated Lead Square Pear Swivel

- Available in different weights!
- High quality lead
- Number of pieces: 1
- Variant: Square Pear Swivel
- Equipped with swivel
- Special granulate coating
- Very durable and highly matt coating
- Takes up sediment from the bottom for ultimate camouflage