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Korda - Kamo coated Hooklink

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This coated braid is incredibly tough and comes in a range of breaking strains that make it suitable for use both in the UK and also on the snaggiest venues in Europe for huge carp, such as when fishing the infamous Rainbow Lake, in France. The inner braid is very abrasion resistant, and the camouflage coating helps your rigs to melt into the lakebed and makes it hard for the carp to spot them. The coating is tough enough that Kamo can be knotted without hinges being created where you don’t want them, but is also very easy to strip exactly how you want to when creating presentations such as a combi-rig. Kamo comes on a 20m spool and in a wide choice of breaking strains: 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 65lb, and 80lb.  

  • Coated braid
  • Incredibly tough and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to strip
  • Camouflage design