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Korda Kamakura KORDA KAMAKURA Choddy Hooks

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Korda Kamakura Choddy

- 10pcs
- Multiple options
- Extremely sharp carp hooks
- Machine ground after the production process
- Ideal for the use of fluorocarbon or nylon
- Ideal for the Hinged Stiff of Chod rigs
- Protective wax layer on the hook point
- Not going on with the grindstone anymore
- Manual box
- Optimum intake


According to Korda, the Kamakura hooks are the sharpest carp hooks in the world. These hooks are machine sharpened after production, which results in an extremely sharp carp hook. To protect the hook tip, the Kamakura Choddy is provided with a small layer of wax, which you can easily remove before using the hook. Ideal for the Hinged Stiff or Chod rigs in combination with for example fluorocarbon or nylon!