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Korda Flat Pear Swivel wheights

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he Flat Pearl Swivel from Korda is a very high quality lead that can be used allround. This lead is perfect for long and accurate casts. Due to the specific shape the lead is less susceptible to side winds and can be used in waters with a softer bottom structure. Due to the shape of the lead it will sink deeper into the soft lakebed and fix itself in place. This lead is also very good to use on slopes, where a normal pear-shaped lead does not stay in place the Flat Pear will not roll away. Because of the pear-shape the Flat Pear will feel the structure of the lakebed much easier.

Korda Flat Pear Swivel

- Available in different weights!
- Allround lead
- Can not roll away
- Tight and accurate cast
- Perfect for fishing on slopes
- Less interference from side winds
- Equipped with a swivel
- Easy to feel the soil structure
- Ideal for softer grounds!