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Korda Big Grippa wheights

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The Big Grippa lead from Korda is ideal in situations where a lot of grip is required. This lead is perfect when fishing in flowing rivers, slopes, steep sides or extremely long distances. A Big Grippa lead of 30g has as much grip as a 60g swivel lead. This means that you can fish with great grip without always having to use a heavy lead. This unique model is fitted with many studs, making the lead anchored in the lakebed. The middle hole fills up with bottom sand, which gives you even more grip. The Big Grippa ensures that your lead, and automatically your hookbait, remains perfectly in place!

Korda Big Grippa

- Available in different weights!
- Very high quality lead
- Extreme amount of grip
- Perfect for running water
- Suitable for steep slopes
- Useful for extremely long distances
- Bait remains well in place!