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Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack

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If you're looking for a way to make your fishing trip more productive, then this lead clip system from the Korda Basix range is exactly what you need. You can use it in a variety of carp fishing situations and not worry about getting tangled up. This Leader Clip action pack consists of all the components that you need to construct five of these set-ups.

In classic Korda style, everything in this kit is in camo green colouring to match and blend in well with the lake bed or carp venue you are fishing. This Korda Action pack also includes 2 metres of sinking rig tube, 5 lead clips, 5 tail rubbers, and 5 QC swivels.

The Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack is the perfect accessory for anglers on-the go. Simply put together the parts, clip on a rig (such as the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rig), add a lead,and attach it to your and line, then you are all set up for heading out for some great fish!