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Kamasaki Super FD reels

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Thanks to the quality graphite materials, an extremely light reel has been created. As a result, it goes well with super light spinning rods. Smoothness is guaranteed by two ball bearings. Depending on the size, its gear ratio is between 5,5:1 and 5,2:1. This gear ratio enables you to achieve proper retrieval speed. Beginner UL anglers must be happy with its weight and price.


- The housing of this reel is built from graphite. It is an extremely durable but light reel that you can use comfortably.
- This reel has an absolutely reliable first drag system. Adjusting your drag before fishing is of utmost importance. You always want your drag to be tight enough to tame the fish, without breaking line. You can adjust the drag by turning the nut clockwise or anti-clockwise.