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High Risers Pop-up Foam

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 High Risers Pop-up Foam

- Water-soluble foams
- Dissolves quickly after insertion, so that the bait presentation lands gently on the bottom
- Biodegradable and fish friendly
- Prevents knotting of the leader
- Very well recognizable as it rises to the surface
- Attach to rig by moistening and folding the hook (point)
- Foam sticks to itself when moistened
- Can also be used in combination with the  Zig Float.
- If the foam dissolves after casting and rises to the surface, it can be used as a target for accurate feeding.
- Indispensable for every carp angler!


High Risers Pop-up Foam from  are indispensable for every carp angler! You squeeze these biodegradable foams double on the hook, so that the hook point is hidden in the foam. After casting your bait the hook will float or slowly sink, after which the foam will release from the hook and the leader will gently land to the bottom. The High Risers Pop-up Foam will then float to the surface and thanks to its bright white  color, is a great target for feeding your spot!

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