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Guru XL Rig Case

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The XL Rig Case has been developed to allow people to carry large numbers of pre-tied hooklengths, all together in one place. A super-solid, durable and waterproof sealed case, capable of holding well in excess of 1000 hooklengths in endless combinations. A main aim with the XL Rig Case is to bring wooden hook boxes up to date, popular with many match anglers and also on the continent!

Key Features:

Heavy duty casing – used to protect expensive camera equipment and military gear.

Oversized hinges – super strong and reliable.

Space Saver! For keen anglers who need an array of hook lengths pre-tied, this gives them the ability to store many hooklengths in one place!

Adjustable hookpoint and loop pegs, enable any length of hooklength to be stored from just two inches, up to 30 inches if doubled around the full length. The lengths can easily be adjusted using the pins on running tracks, which are securely locked in place. Tracks are removable so you can customize your case.

Super strong pins, with a thin profile that allows hooks from a small size 24 to be placed on and stored with ease – therefore catering for all aspects of fishing.

Small overlap at the top of pins to prevent hooklengths slipping off pins.

Precise length options in half-inch intervals.

All Tackle Guru Ready Rigs fit straight in the XL rig case.

Measuring hooklengths is made easy when tying hooks thanks to the in-box measuring rulers and raised tying pins.

Quality waterproof seal keeps the box completely dry in rain and wet conditions, plus the box floats if you do happen to drop it in!

Solid reverse clips: Wont pop open in transport.

For easy adjustment of the pins, an unlocking tool is provided to pop off the adjustable length pins.

Labels and labelling system provided.