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Guru - Tungsten Olivette

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The Guru Olivettes have been designed for use on pole fishing rigs, providing the weight of the floats bulk capacity in a single, neat, and condensed weight. Using a super dense tungsten material has enabled us to create extra small, but extremely dense weights that are significantly smaller than many other Olivettes on the market. This offers significantly less resistance than larger Olivettes, better presentation and is more discrete on the rig. 

We’ve intentionally dulled down the appearance of these Olivettes, minimising spooking fish in clear water. Rather than placing large amounts of shot on the line, which could damage mainline material the Guru Olivettes feature a soft protective central silicone sleeve that reduces any potential line damage, keeping the mainline in perfect condition. 

This in-line design means the Olivettes sit completely straight on the line which not only provides a tangle-free bulk weight, but it also offers optimum presentation. This design also means it’s impossible for the Olivette to ping-off the line if it encounters a snag, or a lost fish. 

We’ve strategically produced the Olivettes in .25g increments, which allows you to pick the correct Olivette weight to suit the size of pole float you’re using, plus locking shot above and below the Olivette, along with required droppers to perfectly shot the rig.

  • Tungsten material makes them significantly smaller and neater
  • Inline design, for perfect presentation
  • Minimal 'ping-offs'
  • Silicone lined to prevent any line damage
  • Slim profile for minimal resistance
  • Dull, discrete grey colouration
  • Strategically selected sizes to suit pole float capacities

Sizes Available: 0.5g, 0.75g, 1g, 1.25g, 1.75g, 2.25g, 2.75g, 3g