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Guru Tackle - N-Gauge Super Natural Clear Mono Line

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N-Gauge Supernatural is a premium top-end monofilament, developed for pole rig and hook-length material. The key asset of this clear-coloured line is the diameter to breaking strain ratio, it is incredibly strong while retaining a thin diameter – vital traits of a modern-day mono.

Another important characteristic we aimed to achieve with this fishing line was to create a trait for it to be ‘gripping’ and ‘non-slip’ in its nature. This really lends Supernatural to knot tying and spade-end hooks in particular. This is the biggest difference between Supernatural and our original and popular ‘N-Gauge’ that has slightly different characteristics been a copolymer line.

Supernatural also has very little stretch and is highly resistant to abrasion, making it perfect for catching lots of fish in demanding situations. To maintain the super high quality we’ve ensured the line it level-wound onto the spool, and provided it on 150m spools, ensuing the line leaves the spool in its perfect form. Highly accurate diameters and breaking strains suit this line to the most precise and particular anglers.

  • Premium top-end monofilament

  • Developed for pole rig and hook-length material

  • Excellent diameter to breaking strain ratio

  • Incredibly strong while retaining a thin diameter

  • Superb grip whilst retaining ‘non-slip’ characteristics

  • Minimal stretch

  • Highly abrasion resistant

  • 150m per spool


0.08mm 1lb 6oz/0.73kg

0.10mm 2lb 4oz/1.09kg

0.12mm 3lb 6oz/1.63kg 

0.14mm 4lb 5oz/2.04kg 

0.16mm 5lb 10oz/2.31kg 

0.18mm 6lb 8oz/3.08kg

0.20mm 7lb 14oz/3.24kg

0.23mm 9lb 14oz/4.15kg 

0.26mm 12lb 10oz/5.49kg