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Guru Tackle - LWG Feeder Special Hooks

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Guru Tackle - LWG Feeder Special 10 (MicroBarb/Eyed)

The original Feeder Special spade-end pattern has been super popular over the years, and naturally the public demanded and ideas from our match team have helped us develop an eyed version of this pattern!

The main use of this hook of course is for hair-rigging baits. When hair rigging, anglers are often targeting bigger fish, so we’ve stepped-up the wire gauge of these hooks slightly compared to the spade versions, adding more strength to it. The wide gape, in-turned beaked point, and super sharp/durable black nickel finish makes the hook ideal for ledgering and feeder fishing offering ultimate fish-hooking potential, prolonged sharpness and incredible strength.

This latest eyed version if ideal for har-rigging all kinds of baits, ideally worms and corn when bream fishing, but equally at home with a hair rigged band for pellets in a river situation, or even a hair-rigged bayonet for bream etc on big naturals. With sizes from a 10 down to a 20, possibilities are endless!

  • Eyed version of the popular LWGF
  • Perfect for hair-rigging baits
  • Stepped-up the wire gauge
  • Wide gape, in-turned beaked point
  • Sharp/durable black nickel finish
  • Prolonged sharpness and incredible strength

Sizes Available: 10 – 20