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Guru Tackle - Guru Multi Riddle

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The Guru Multi Riddle has been designed to fit perfectly on Guru and Mainline Match 18L buckets but will also fit on other buckets of this size.

The riddle locks onto the bucket so it’s safe and secure, making it extremely easy to use. The bucket lid also clicks back onto the riddle securing it further. This feature is unique to the system and makes transporting the bucket, riddle and lid very easy and efficiently without worry of spilling the contents inside.

The riddle itself is deep and robust, ideal for efficiently riddling a good quantity of ground bait, soil, leam and live baits. Each riddle comes with three sizes of interchangeable mesh: 3mm, 4mm and 6mm, making the riddle extremely versatile. 

The 3mm is ideal for fine ground baits or wriggly baits like squats and pinkies, or even taking the lager lumps of feed out of ground bait in the winter months. The 4mm is perfect for everyday use, making it the ideal maggot riddle and superb for passing ground bait and leam through. The larger 6mm mesh is great for high feed ground bait, rough soils and also perfect for riddling the soil quickly off your worms. All the meshes can be used for riddling meat or liquidised bread too.

The discs which make up the riddle simply lock into the riddle body, working by friction fit to keep in place. To remove, you simply turn over and push the disc out. The mesh is manufactured from woven stainless steel making it strong and durable. 

  • Fits on Guru and Mainline 18L buckets
  • Deep and robust
  • Three sizes of mesh
  • Manufactured from stainless steel