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Guru Tackle - Feeder Special XS Spade End Hooks

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Our Feeder Special hooks are a favourite among natural-venue anglers across the whole of Europe, and adding another layer to this popular pattern to make it even more versatile has seen us develop the EXTRA STRONG XS versions in both Eyed and Spade.

The added strength of these patterns makes them perfect for demanding bagging or big-fish situations, with increased wire thickness really enhancing the power these hooks have for both pole and rod-and-line work.

The shape of this hook featuring a wide gape with a ‘beaked’ point suits them to wide variety of baits  - maggots, worms, corn, meat and more. Of course, the spade version is more suited to putting baits on the hook itself, while the Eyed version is superb for hair rigging or banding with baits like wafters, pellets, worms, meat and corn.

The black nickel finish on the hook means these hooks retain ultimate sharpness and durability, something that all our natural venue hooks are renowned for!

  • Extra strong version of our popular Feeder Special hook

  • Available in both Eyed and Spade versions

  • Perfect for demanding bagging or big-fish situations

  • Feature a wiide gape with a ‘beaked’ point

  • Black nickel finish to maintain sharpness and durability

Available in Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20