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Guru Reaper Rod rest

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The front rest features grippy rubber overmould and adjustable, double-ended arms to retain the rod.

The rear rest has been designed to keep the rod on the rest during the most powerful of bites.

Grippy rubber overmould.


Designed to hold rod tightly.

The Guru Reaper XL Feeder Rest was specifically designed for feeder fishing. The ribbed profile prevents the rod from sliding while the end of the rest will prevent the rod from being pulled into the water when you get a bite. The rest is 50 cm wide. This XL version was specifically designed for feeder fishing where thinner lines and more subtle techniques are often used. The rubber coating and special grooves offer optimal protection for your rod and line.

Guru Reaper Rest

- Rod rest for feeder fishing
- Material: PVC in combination with rubber
- Length: 50 cm
- Beautiful and durable black finish
- Your rods are secure and the line is protected
- No more worries about your rod being pulled into the water

A must-have for static applications! This Guru Rear Reaper Rest is an excellent all-round back rest and suitable for a wide variety of applications. The back rests fit on all banksticks, rod pods and rod supports thanks to the universal screw thread. They offer optimal grip on the rod without damaging the blank.

Guru Rear Reaper Rest

- Back Rest
- Material: PVC in combination with rubber
- With standard screw thread, suitable for all standard rod supports and banksticks
- Sturdy material
- Optimal stability
- All-round use!