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Guru F1 Maggot Hooks

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F1 Maggot

The F1 Maggot hook is the perfect shape for fishing smaller baits. It has been designed with maggots in mind, as well as being great for other similar baits such as casters and pinkies, as it has a fine wire that won’t damage these baits.

It has a super fine, straight point and the shape, with a special gape and angled point, which means that these baits sit perfectly on the bend and it reduces the chance of hooking being impeded. Because of the slightly ‘open’ angle of the point, you’ll hit more bites on these hooks!

The F1 Maggot is PTFE coated which results in a smoother surface, aiding penetration and preventing rusting during rig storage between sessions, as well as reducing ‘glare’ as the finish is duller.

They feature a neat spade end and are barbless, with a range of sizes from 14 to 22 to cover everything from fishing on commercials for silver fish or F1s, right down to snatching bits on canals in the winter, and are suitable for use with the pole, waggler or feeder.