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Designed to fulfil all your feeder fishing needs, the Guru Fusion Feeder Box is bespoke feeder storage and organisation system that allows you to pick different insets to fine-tune your storage system to your needs whilst protecting and organising your feeders and other accessories.

The storage box has extra inserts available (sold separately) that enable anglers to store EVA hook length spools, shorter method hook lengths on a specifically designed hook tray. You can also store elasticated and non-elasticated X-Safe stems, spare X-Change feeder weights, Feeder Links, plus all terminal bits such as Swivels, Speed Beads, Lead Clips and many more terminal tackle items in this robust, compact system.

Whether anglers are looking for a feeder box tailored towards natural style fishing, or commercial based, there are inserts and arrangements to help them organise the perfect Feeder Box to compliment your fishing.

Insets Available Separately:
Deep Insert
Divided deep Insert
Divided Shallow Insert
Spool Inset
Method Hook Length Insert
4 Compartment Accessory Case
6 Compartment Accessory Case