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Feeder rod Browning Xenos Advance Braid 50g [Size 3,60 m]

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  • XENOS ADVANCE BRAID FEEDER: Feeder rod specially designed for fishing with braided lines
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS: Slender 40t blank, cork handle with EVA section, skeleton rings optimised for long-range casting
  • ACTION: stiff backbone with softer middle and tip sections
  • QUIVER TIPS: Carbon quiver tips with large skeleton Minima rings and a diameter of 3mm at the insert

Experience feeder fishing with feeling! Whether you’re enjoying traditional feeder fishing on a lake, river or canal or method fishing, the Xenos Advance rod series with its sensitive properties and elegant designs is the right choice for most situations! The Xenos Advance rod series impresses with a high-quality, sensitive and slender blank in carbon compressed with a pressure of 40 tonnes and with a stiff backbone yet softer middle and tip sections. This action gives the rod outstanding properties for very precise and long-range casting. The softer action of the blank in the tip section makes fighting a pure pleasure. The head movements of big fish are buffered masterfully, minimising lost fish through snapped line. The large rod rings with stainless steel inserts ensure a clean and low-friction flow of lines of all types and breaking strains The top rings are particularly large to allow even the thickest leader knots to flow cleanly. Slender, optimised tips show bites superbly, allowing the angler to confidently detect even the slightest twitch. The EVA section in the handle provides an optimal non-slip area for the ‘working hand’ when casting. A folding eye on the blank gives the angler's hook a safe anchorage point when resting the rod. The elegant design of this rod series has been combined with state-of-the-art rod-making technology and a number of other refinements inspired by our team anglers such as Jens Koschnick and Martin Siwon. The Xenos Advance Braid Feeder in 3.60 length is a special, sensitive feeder rod with an overall softer action in the middle and tip sections for using with braided lines, which strongly minimises hook pull-outs when fishing for soft-mouthed species. However, the bottom section still has the necessary backbone to cast out small and medium-sized feeders over long distances. Suitable for fishing with light method feeders.

Casting Weight 50gram