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Drennan DMS Bait Box Aqua

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Drennan DMS Bait Box Aqua,

Available in both one pint (0.57 litres) and three pint (1.7 litres) the new Bait Boxes come supplied with a Bait Seal lid to suit a range fishing baits such as pellets, meat, sweetcorn, boilies and particles.

Also available in both one pint (0.57 litres) and three pint (1.7 litres)  come supplied with a ventilated lid to suit a range fishing baits such as maggots and worms which need to breathe.

These new sizes are made from high quality British tooling and moulded in a tough, durable polymer that wont split and is freezer proof. The DMS Pellet Strainer fits perfectly in the 3 pint Bait Box. If you are not using a side tray, there are two clever new DMS Adjustable Bait Waiters which are adjustable to take different combinations of these Bait Boxes.