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Drennan Carp 6 F1 & Carp Rigs

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Carp 6 floats have a streamlined body, a long carbon stem for stability and banded hi-viz tips.  At just 1.5mm diameter these tips are sensitive and able to register delicate bites from F1's .

The Silverfish Pellet hooks to 3lb / 0.13mm are not only ideal for 4mm and 6mm pellet but are also excellent for maggot, caster and other small baits. Available in 0.2g, 0.4g & 0.6g.

  • Banded hi-viz tips
  • 5lb/0.16mm mainline
  • 3lb/0.13mm hooklength
  • Size 16 Silverfish Pellet Barbless Hook
  • 3m rig length