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Drennan AS8 Rigs

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Perfect Bulked rigs for rivers or stillwaters.

Designed in conjunction with 5x world champion Alan Scotthorne. The AS 8 has a classic body down shape that make these floats a really versatile pattern for commercials or slow moving rivers. They are perfectly balanced and the long carbon stem offers good stability.
Each float comes with 4 highly visible solid plastic tips allowing the angler to choose the perfect tip colour for any occasion. Each tip fits perfectly into a machined plastic sleeve that is secured into the Balsa body. A strong coiled wire eye is then glued onto the sleeve.

  • 1.0g      0.8g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 10 droppers.
    1.5g      1.25g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 9 droppers.
    2.0g      1.75g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 9 droppers.
  • Hook: Size 18 Red Maggot on all Rigs
  • Hooklength: 0.12mm / 2lb Supplex Flurocarbon
  • Winders: 260mm x 18mm winders
  • Mainline: 0.129 / 3lb Supplex
  • Rig length:  6m perfect for Drennan top 4s