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Disco Pike

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Jacek Rafal Gorny is a well respected angler in Ireland who represents team Ireland on major competitions boat and shore organised by NCFFI. He makes lures in Ireland and his lures catch fish across the globe. 

This are his words on Disco Pike

"The lure I've created to win big pike fishing tournaments.
The first bait was made the day before Predator Tour Ireland 2016. During training Disco Pike allowed us to catch big pikes in places where fish have seen already everything. 

We won the tournament with a big advantage. We have caught 13 large pikes!
Disco Pike was my secret weapon in many competitions. Over time, it has been improved and since autumn 2019 it has been officially released for the public!

Why is this bait so effective? It consists of many things ... Movement in water, colours, size, and low weight. The size of Disco Pike allows you to fish the spinning/casting method all day. Big fish loves big baits."

Disco Pike L 40cm / 15,7in 110g / 4oz 1-4m