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Dave Harrel Pole Floats DH19

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Probably the best whip floats for Irish waters

Another tapered ‘pencil’ float for long line whip fishing. Big weights of dace and roach were regularly taken on prototypes of this float last season from rivers like the Severn and Wye. It's also a very popular float in parts of Ireland. All the floats in this pattern feature plastic bristles which makes them easy to see and the range is ideally suited to depths from 4ft to 15ft.
This is the float to use on low rivers when the flow isn’t too great. Like the DH18, the shape of the float has very little resistance to taking fish, which means you connect with more bites.
Best shotting pattern is with a DH On-Line olivette and two or three No8 dropper shot.
Our 'small floats' comprises sizes from 0.50g to 3g.

Our 'large floats' of DH19 floats comprises sizes 4g, 5g, 6g, 8g and 10g. These are perfect for deep venues where you need to get your hook bait down quickly.