Daiwa Tournament SLR Feeder rods

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Hailed by many as the best feeder rods ever. So when our team improved the SLR blank with a hi tech cocktail of the new torque busting X45X Full Shield and HVF nanoplus, it is fair to say we began to get a bit excited at the result.

With prototypes tested and fined tuned, the outcome has been nothing short of exceptional. Each model now harnesses even more casting energy and is able to deliver those big pay loads, more accurately at distance.

The development team also extended the range by creating an amazing 3pc 12’ 90g model. With next to no weight difference to the 2pc equivalent and that smooth curvature from V-Joint Alpha, this is certain to be much sought after option. The latest addition is a 10' beauty. Designed for a slightly lighter approach but casting weights up to 75g.

X45X Full Shield is the next generation of Bias Carbon Technology. The innovative composition of 45° bi directional fibre can now be applied further into the rod structure but maintain that amazing action. Blended with the higher carbon density of HVF nanoplus, the gain is greater torque resistance and higher casting energy conversion.

As for feel they have been enhanced by application of the weight saving SeaGuide TDG rings. These not only lighten the down force but also sharpen up the rod recovery. Rapidly reduced rod oscillation adds distance to casts.

We haven’t held back on the handle either. The Fuji VSS reel seat offers a neatly blended fit to the Duplon grip with a laser etched Tournament logo in place. And the original cork Armlock continues to provide added handling stability.

Refinement has also reached to the quiver tips with a new SLR series. Guide positions have been adjusted with an additional guide applied nearer the tip. There are also two further versions available; a 2.5oz and 4oz edition.

  • X45X Full Shield - Bias Carbon Technology
  • HVF nanoplus - High Volume Fibre with nano technology
  • V-Joint α
  • Improved SLR Quivers
  • Fuji VSS Reel Seat
  • SeaGuide TDG Guides
  • Laser Etched Duplon
  • Cork/Duplon Armlock Handle
  • Hook Keeper