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Daiwa Prorex Titanium Traces

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Titanium leader material is highly resistant to kinking. Thus it is distinctly more durable than usual 1x7 or 7x7 steel wires. Additionally titanium leaders are prone to far less tangles during the cast and ‘active’ retrieving! Equipped with extremely strong Prorex swivels and snaps. Ideal for twitching and jerkbaiting with plugs!

 2 traces per pack

PXTWL20-12 12kg/25lb 20cm TITANIUM 2
PXTWL20-18 18kg/40lb 20cm TITANIUM 2
PXTWL20-22 22kg/50lb 20cm TITANIUM 2
PXTWL30-12 12kg/25lb 30cm TITANIUM 2
PXTWL30-18 18kg/40lb 30cm TITANIUM 2
PXTWL30-22 22kg/50lb 30cm TITANIUM