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Cralusso Pro Slider Floats

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This easy-to-use, easy-to-cast Slider fishing float has been added to our offer in response to the requests of anglers  , which satisfies even the highest demands of hobby and competitive anglers. The 3.0 gram weight of the special slider head and the design of the PUR body provide the fishing float with excellent flight properties. It is especially recommended for use on lakes with deep water or strong currents, when the bait must be brought quickly and stably near the bottom of the bed and kept there. With the self-developed calibration solution built into the fishing float,   we can achieve  the fastest and  most precise antenna setting . Thanks to the  adapter antenna system   , we can now use more than  25 types of antennas  for swimmers.
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Change weighting, quickly and easily

Thanks to the replaceable polycarbonate stems  ,  they are extremely versatile  and can be exchanged with any member of Cralusso 2034 stem ,we can increase or decrease the load capacity  of the slider float  by up to 2 grams without changing the weight of the fishing float. The antenna and sensitivity of the fishing float can be adjusted easily and quickly with the help of the patented calibration solution.

- Simple, effective, accurate use;
- Fastest antenna and sensitivity adjustment, using the calibration system;
- Versatile variability in weighting by changing the stems;
- Interchangeable solid and air antennas;
- Durable, yet sensitive design.

Tip: To weight the Pro Slider fishing fin, you can also use the tungsten lamellae of the Cralusso waggler fishing fins, they have the same dimensions.