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Cralusso Bubble Floats

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The Bubble float has been developed primarily for use on the pole but can be used successfully on the long rod.  The ’Bubble’ retains some of the streamline design features of the famous Torpedo and can therefore be held back hard with the flow having little adverse effect. It is ideal for running through the swim at your chosen speed and can be ‘dotted’ down to provide the ultimate in performance and sensitivity. This float should not be underestimated. It performs brilliantly and has been the choice of a number of international teams. It has the advantages of both traditional oval and flat floats, being effectively two in one. Bubble floats are provided with two inter-changeable bristles on   2, 3, 4 and 5 gm versions  ; two interchangeable bristles and three flat antenna on sizes 6gm versions .   They have a waterproof polyurethane body and can be changed without dismantling the rig. The polyurethane material chosen for manufacture of the bodies of all Cralusso floats  will not take on water, so minor surface damage will not lead to adverse performance.