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A special river float developed by Cralusso, with which 

  • the rig can be stopped and restrained without drifting, and can be driven on the feeding lane at any speed
  • ​can move inland from the shore and against the current, so you can swim around the bait or hook several times
  • if set correctly, the water pressure does not raise the body, only the antenna is visible from the water
  • by using it, you can even enjoy the advantages of a stacking rod with the 3-meter ring rod 
  • can be used on tipper and raking rods, as well as suitable for fishing for predatory fish (twister, fish slice, etc.)
  • the body of the polyurethane float does not get wet even in case of damage
  • recommended for strongly and moderately restrained swimming. It is also excellent for poaching in still water, as we can tow the bait fish parallel to the shore.

    User manual for Cralusso Surf river fishing floats

    The operation and use of this fishing float with a revolutionary new solution is different from that of traditional floats, it is IMPORTANT to read the user manual carefully in order to use it successfully!!!
    Depending on which bank you fish on the river, the water flows from different directions. Standing on one bank, we encounter water flowing from left to right, on the other side, from right to left.
    We have developed the surf float so that it can be used in both downstream directions, we only need to 
      change the attached stems.

    Installation in the case of left-hand flow (water flows from left to right)

    Take the body in your hand so that the Cralusso inscription faces you, the gram number falls towards your left hand! Place the unmarked antenna holder upper stem (shorter) in its place so that it faces us!
    Place the unmarked lower stem (longer) so that it points in the opposite direction to the upper stem!
    Fit the antenna in the upper stem, turned at a 45 degree angle (according to the drawing)

    Installation on the cord: Cut 4 x 8mm pieces from the supplied silicone tube with reinforced walls, string them onto the cord, and fasten the Cralusso with them so that 1 silicone tube is placed on the upper stem and 3 silicone tubes on the lower stem!  

    Weighting:  In the case of retention in flowing water, the pressure of the water pushes the lead from under the swimmer, so that only a certain part of the weight previously set weighs on our swimmer. Therefore, it is recommended to overload the Cralusso, which can be 10-100% of the body's carrying capacity.

    The amount of overweighting depends on the speed of the water, its depth and the degree of retention.
    The Cralusso has been properly loaded when it does not sink at the desired hold and only its antenna is visible from the water. That's when he's most sensitive.
    The Cralusso can be stopped at an angle of 30-60 degrees in relation to the shoreline in water with a medium current .
     Cralusso's settings:
     1.  For water speed : The lower silicone tube marked (a) on the lower stem can be adjusted closer to the body for a slower current, and further away from the body for a stronger current. In case of correct adjustment, the antenna is straight or tilted slightly forward.
     2.  Adjustment of notch:  It can be regulated by adjusting the silicone tube marked (b) on the upper stem, if the swimmer dips in 5-10 mm during the notch, bring it closer to the body. The setting is good if the body stays under the water when stopping, and the swimmer derails from the water during a dynamic cut in the vertical direction.
    Adjusting the sag:  It can be done in the traditional way. It is important to pull off the silicone tube from the upper stem before adjusting the lowering, thus preventing the upper stem from bending.
    Feeding:  Float the Cralusso to the desired location, wait until it settles down, put down the rod, mark the line above the reel and feed it over the float, so you will always know when the rig is on the feed!