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Deeper Smart Sonar Chirp+

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Deeper CHIRP+ is the world’s first castable, GPS enabled, Wi-Fi fish finder that utilizes CHIRP technology.
Deeper CHIRP+ is the world’s first castable, GPS enabled, Wi-Fi fish finder that utilizes CHIRP technology. The three beam frequencies, crisp clarity and extreme accuracy makes it ideal for quickly locating target species holding spots, pinpointing predator fish and fishing in extreme depths. CHIRP+ gives you the strategic edge to catch more, catch faster and catch better.

A traditional sonar sends out a single frequency pulse at a time. A CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar sends out a continuous flow of frequencies, ranging from low to high and because of this, the sonar readings are much clearer and have a higher resolution compared to traditional sonars.

With a target separation of 1cm / 0.4”, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint target species even when they are amongst a school of bait fish or track the tiniest lure when vertical jigging.

CHIRP sonar technology, along with built-in GPS, makes it the most advanced, portable and castable fish finder on the market for shore anglers. Create lake maps from the shore or scan the water to locate holding spots and find fish.

With the flex arm mount, the Deeper CHIRP+ installs on your kayak in seconds, no drilling, no cables or batteries. Ideal for SUP fishing, it fits comfortably into a hatch or tackle pack. Troll and map or cast out to reach those hard to access areas.

Ideal for small boats. Cast out or troll from your pontoon, jon boat, dingy or belly boat. Troll smoothly at a low speed of 3kph (2mph) for accurate sonar readings or cast out to hard to reach places. It’s really a great device to have on any boat, regardless of size, because you never know when it might come in handy.

As an ice fishing flasher, Deeper CHIRP+ makes hole hopping easier with no transducer or wires. The 1cm / 0.4” target separation lets you see when your target species is about to strike. The 7° (675kHz) narrow angle beam ensures precise readings with very little sonar noise. The Deeper App has a traditional ice flasher display, a-scope and zoom mode.

Every sonar scan and bathymetric map you create with your Deeper CHIRP+, every point of interest (aka waypoint) you mark using the Deeper App, all in one place with Deeper Lakebook™, your personal journal for better fishing.