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Berkley® Zilla Jointed Glider 18CM 80G

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he Berkley Zilla Jointed Glider is an easy-to-fish glide bait with an aggressige S-shaped swimming action when steadily retrieved. Give it some jerks and pauses to create an even more attractive, erratic action. Use the Klip Lok® system to make the bait sink faster so you can present the lure deeper. Equipped with sharp Fusion19 trebles a perfect bait to catch big Pike in shallow and deeper waters.

• Slow Sinking
• Lead-free
• Aggressive swimming action when steady retrieved
• Adapt the swimming depth with the Klip Lok® system
• Equiped with razor sharp Fusion 19 treble hooks
• Abnormal, loud rattle when jerked
• Diving depth: 0,5 – 1,5+m