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Bait-Tech Special ‘G’ Gold

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Special ‘G’ Gold is a tried and tested mix perfect for fishing as a slop or paste as well as mixed up normally to be cupped in or moulded around a method feeder. For mixing slop it is better to add the water to the bucket before the groundbait as this allows the groundbait to be completely saturated.

The Special ‘G’ range of groundbaits has been successful for a number of years and has been many anglers first choice when it comes to selecting a premium fishmeal groundbait. Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 – and these four have it in abundance.

Combined with other top quality fishmeals, ground pellets and attractants, Special ‘G’ has forged a reputation as the ultimate fish catcher. Whether method feeder fishing, cupping, balling, as a stick mix or as a paste, Special ‘G’ does everything.

    • Easy to mix
    • Makes a perfect paste
    • Pungent fishmeal flavours
    • Super attractive to all fish
    • Diverse uses

The Special ‘G’ Range comes in 1kg bags