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Carp Pellet Bucket

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To help carp anglers we made this bucket for them,we only choose the best for them

Coppens Pellets are faimos for their pellets.

Dudi Baits provided Teams over the years in World carp competitions the most recent one is Word Carp Championship 2020 where England won in Hungary using Dudi Baits

Bucket contains

1 Fox Camo Bucket (RRP €15.60 for 17L )

1 Kg Coppens Red Premium Select 2mm

1kg Coppens Premium Select 2mm

1Kg Coppens Premium Coarse 4.5mm

1Kg Coppens Premium Select 6mm

1Kg Coppens Green Betaine 6mm

1 Bottle additive 500ml (choose from -Tutty Frutty, Strawberry,Mussels,BigFish,Anisi)

1 Jar Hook Boilies Dudi Baits (choose from - Forest Squid 16mm-20mm,Mister Red 16mm-20mm,Mister Red Super Hot(bicolor) 16mm-20mm,Mister Red Super Hot(wafters) 18-20mm, 14-16mm,12-14mm

Buckets available 17l,10l,5l

1 Jar Pop-Ups 8mm,10mm,14mm (choose from Special Fruits, Squid-Fruits,Spicy Fish,SuperHot,Garlic,Pineaple)