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Browning Argon 2.0 Feeder MH 300 cm

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Browning Argon 2.0 Method Feeder Rod

- Rod optimised for feeder fishing
- Available in several variations
- Solid carbon fibre blank
- Very fast action
- Stainless steel guides
- Light weighted
- Comfortable handle
- Suitable for long casts
- Very well finished
- Excellent price-quality ratio!


The Browning Argon 2.0 Method Feeder Rod is optimized for feeder fishing. This item is available in several variations. This rod has a solid carbon fibre blank and is finished to a high standard. The stainless steel guides have a larger diameter to enable long casts. The rod is lightweight and therefore very suitable for long sessions or competitions. The ergonomic design of the handle provides extra comfort and better guidance of the rod while casting, allowing you to cast with great accuracy. This rod comes with 3 top parts. A solid and very well finished feeder rod that is suitable for long casts at a very competitive price!

You can choose from the following options:

Browning Argon 2.0 Method Feeder Rod 300cm
- Casting weight: 10-50g
- Weight: 225g
- Number of sections: 2
- Transport length: 157cm

Browning Argon 2.0 Method Feeder Rod 360cm
- Casting weight: 10-50g
- Weight: 266g
- Number of sections: 3
- Transport length: 133cm