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Braided line Baracuda Challenge X9

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Baracuda Challenge 9X fishing line - 150m, made in Japan.

Thanks to the innovative technology used, the fiber is made of 9 parallel-wound threads, reaching a perfect round cross-section in fluorescent green color.

The large number of threads makes the fiber significantly more resistant to wear and increases its durability when using knots by about 30%. The fiber is memoryless and highly resistant to abrasion, and thanks to its innovative technology it is extremely resistant to wind and prevents the appearance of knots.

Diameter / Test

0.16 mm / 16.7 kg.

0.18 mm / 17.9 kg.

0.20 mm / 20.4 kg.

0.23 mm / 23 kg.

0.25 mm / 24.7 kg.

0.30 mm / 30.5 kg.

0.35mm / 36.6kg.