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Boilies Mister Dudi Range 1kg

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Boilies Mister Dudi Range

The mix behind this type of boilies is a balanced birdfish, a mixture of fishmeal and shellfish, combined with lactic protein and quality birdfood, which “works” excellently in the water, releasing the attractants from the boilies. The liquid part is suitable as and attraction, balanced as nutrition. The protein value of the mix is ​​around 39%, and the boilies themselves contain both “free” amino acids (from the liquid side), plus the amino acids from the flours (after metabolism) at a value close to the daily requirement of the carp. On the other hand, Mister Dudi boilies contain other essential elements in carp nutrition, which leads to their acceptance by fish and the creation of a small addiction.

Squid aroma combined with Cranberry.

These are the boilies that have won the World Carp Fishing Championship twice in a row and that have helped, over time, to catch a lot of carp, regardless of the water or the geographical area where they were used. They were not designed to fool the carp, but to give them the benefit, so they have the great advantage of being perceived by the fish as an indispensable element. Thus, they cannot be refused and will never lose their effectiveness.

Sold in 1kg resealable bag