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BKK Draggin` Ned jighead

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The BKK Draggin’ Ned is designed specifically for Ned Rig presentations. Features include BKK’s signature SS coating and a sharp needle point for enhanced penetration, and an O’Shaughnessy forged bend to maximize strength. We elaborated further on the concept of a classic Ned head by adding a series of details that make this jighead unique: a recessed eye to reduce snags and protect the knot when fishing over rocky bottoms, a baitkeeper designed to fit both elastomeric and standard soft bait compounds, and ribs on the underside of the head for increased sensitivity when dragging the bait on the bottom. The final touch is on the head, where size and weight specifications are embossed for easy selection.


The Draggin’ Ned comes in three different colors: plain lead, matte green pumpkin and matte black for stealthier presentations. It also comes in a weedless version featuring a nylon guard. Two sizes available (1 and 1/0), weight range 1/16 - 1/4oz. All these details and combinations make the Draggin’ Ned the ultimate jig head for finesse standup approaches with 4-10lb lines.