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Berkley URBN Shrug Minnow

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The Shrug Minnow was designed by Japanese experts and is now available for our European freshwater predators. The two fins on the body provide a natural, fluttering action while sinking and the tail shows a nice action at any speed. Try the Shrug Minnow on a micro jig head or drop shot rig. Available in several attractive colors. The Powerbait aroma allows the fish to hold the bait longer so you’ll have more time to set the hook properly and will miss less, even with cautious bites. Ideal lure for perch and zander.


Berkley Urban Shrug Minnow

- Shad for finesse fishing
- Multiple colours available
- Length: 4cm
- 8 pieces per pack
- Moving paddle tail
- Challenging action
- Attractive colours
- Powerbait aroma
- The fish will hold the bait longer
- Soft material
- Vivid vibrations
- Super slow to fish
- Suitable for jigging, drop shots, offset rigs,…
- Perfect for finesse techniques
- Ideal for perch and zander