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Benzar Summer Pellet Box

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Nowadays, it is increasingly common in fish farms to feed carp not with grain feed, but with different high-nutrition pellets and trout feed. It is not surprising that, for this reason, the mentioned granules become a well-known and particularly popular and sought-after food for fish.

The content of the Pellet Boxes is a professionally defined mixture of these pellets, from 1.5 mm to 4 mm in size, guaranteeing an exceptionally high protein content.

In addition to the exceptionally high content of ingredients, paying attention to the contrast, in addition to the black and brown pellet grains, a given percentage of colored pellet mixture of different colors was included in each package, maximizing the attraction effect.

Using and mixing the Pellet Box is extremely easy, you only need to add it to the pellet grains in the 150 ml aroma bag in the package, shake the box well, then wait and rest for 5-10 minutes. The Summer Edition versions provide an excellent alternative

to for warmer, summer months, as their aroma and ingredients give the best effectiveness for this period.

In addition to all of this, there is one extra thing in the boxes that makes them stand out from other method pellets, namely that each box contains a box of Benzár Twister hook bait!

Excellent contents, extra aroma and free Twister bait!

The favorite of rapid method fishing!

Contents of the Benzar Mix Summer Pellet Box: 400 g pellets + 150 ml aroma + Twister bait (30 ml)

The flavors of the Twisters that come with the Boxes:

  • Squid Pellet Box - Strawberry Squid Twister
  • Pineapple Pellet Box - Chocolate Orange Twister
  • Chili Sausage Pellet Box - Garlic Almond Twister
  • Green Betaine Pellet Box - Fishmeal Twister
  • Mango Pellet Box - Mango Twister