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Benzar Mix Turbo Boilies

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Boilies are a indispensable when you target Carp,Tench and big Bream this fish will have no problem swallow 16mm baits/boilies, especialy in the summer when they feed a lot more than other  times of the year. They are available in 16mm and different colours/flavours. 

Turbo Bicolor 16mm

The Benzár Turbo Bicolor Boilie has been introduced to tackle shops in very unique combination of flavors, such as crayfish-strawberry, honey-pineapple, fish-plum, halibut-garlic and the krill-scopex. These aromas are all pretty catchy, however, if you mix them together, they are unbeatable. Fish will love them for sure!

Turbo Boilies 16mm

Ready-made boilies are an excellent alternative to anglers who have no time or means to make their own boilies. As to their ingredients, they contain everything which can be expected from baits like this: proteins, appetite stimulants, aromas and tiny seeds to enhance dissolution. Of course, all in the right proportion. They are available in various flavors. Thanks to the small bag, you don’t have to buy a lot at once, so they’ll be fresh when you need them.

250g/bag 16mm