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Benzar Mix Pro corn Mini Wafters

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Benzar Mix Pro Corn Mini Wafters

With the development of Benzar Mix products, our basic goal is to take advantage of the decades of knowledge and experience behind the brand and sometimes enter the market with really surprising and amazing innovations! This year, our goal was embodied in the Pro Corn Mini Wafters, which rightly bear the name of world novelty.

The base of the mentioned bait was corn. Yes, corn, so one of the oldest hook baits with which it is hard to make a mistake even today. Numerous uses of corn are already known, but we still saw potential in expanding the variations, creating a bait novelty called Pro Corn Mini Wafters.

Pro Corn Mini Wafters are the result of the cooperation and development of 3 old-established companies, Benzar Mix, Timár Mix and Poseidon, so it can be said that there are many decades of experience behind the baits. The special feature of the products is that they resemble corn, which is a known form of food for fish. In addition, it is important that there are several corn derivatives among their raw material, so the baits have a delicate, corn smell and taste even in an unflavored form.

Pro Corn Mini Wafters are specifically for carp, and in fact, our anglers tend to use them primarily when fishing for larger specimens. With their size of  mini , they also do a very good service in the waters where we have to select carp from many small and catch fishes such as bream or Prussian carp.

What is perhaps the most important feature of the baits, in addition to their shape, is certainly their buoyancy, which has been adjusted to only lighten the hook, not to lift it. It is worth noting that the baits do not lift the size 8 Benzar Method Round Feeder with a standard 10 mm sting, so it is advisable to use them with this or larger / heavier hooks.

The product is available in 10 different flavors, so we can find the right variant for each season and water type.

Strawberry Fluo red 30 ml

Garlic White 30 ml
Sweetcorn Light yellow 30 ml
N-Butyric Fluo yellow 30 ml
Mango-N-butyric Fluo red 30 ml