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Benzar Distance Feeders

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Benzar Distance Feeder basket

BENZAR DISTANCE FEEDER baskets revolutionize fishing!

An extremely versatile feeding basket that was created in accordance with the international competition regulations, so we can even use them in different competitions!

It is available in 4 sizes, with different weightings, so any situation can be solved with it, be it short-distance or extremely long-distance bream fishing.

When casting, these baskets fly extremely well, which is essential for reaching greater distances and making accurate casts. This is facilitated by the very smooth outer surface and the shape and weight distribution of the basket.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these baskets is the exchangeable weight, which can be purchased separately and with this you can "create" the most ideal basket for the given situation in a matter of seconds.


- S (15g, 30g)

- M (30g)

- L (30g)

- XL (20g, 35g)