Barrow Perch Bonanza II 27.03.2022

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Entry Ticket for Barrow Perch Bonanza II

Competition Type: Perch

Competition Date: 27.03.22

Competition Venue: River Barrow, Athy, Co. Kildare 

Perch only
Shore competition ,no wading, no kayak/boat/belly boat.
Minimum 25cm
Longest 5 Perch will count
All fish have to be measured on the measuring board provided by organisator.
A card will be giving to everyone fishing the competition and this card has to be visible in all pictures with the fish( no card fish won't count)
Hyviz jacket(provided) has to be on all competitors at all time.
Only artificial lures

-hard lures
-soft lures
-hybrid lures


Entry Fee €30/ angler
Max 30 anglers

A €10 deposit will be required for measuring boards and hyviz jacket ( this will be returned at the end of the competition after returning the measuring board and hyviz jacket)

Deposit and entry fee will be paid before the competition day!

First Place €300
Second place €200
Third Place €150
Biggest Perch €100

Prizes are based on 30 anglers.

For this competition we will use a App, can be downloaded Free
Google Play for android
Apple store for IOS
This app needs
- access to Mobile Data
- access to your camera
- require GPS Location

Only anglers registered will have access to this competition, a unique code will be sent to all competitors before the competition starts.

A Practice will be available for everyone registered for this competition, to make sure everyone knows how to use the App.
A WhatsApp grup will be created and all Anglers registered will be added in to the group! On the group we can answer all questions related to this competition and location and time for collecting the measuring boards and hyviz jacket,also meeting for Prize giving.


Artificial lures only

Methods allowed

NO Live/dead bait allowed
NO worms
NO minnows
NO prawns
NO maggots
No roach
No Groundbait bait

This is individual event, all anglers have to fish on their own,
All anglers have to catch, land, measure Perch on his own no help from outsiders or other participant's.
Only on rod per angler can be use at all times!
Anglers can have spare rods with them!
All anglers have to keep at least 5m distance from other competitors and least 10m from other anglers on the bank of the river(all anglers outside the competition - local anglers,match anglers... etc)and they should respect everyone on the bank.
We ask everyone fishing this event not leave any rubbish behind, #LeaveNoTrace

Casting lures up or down the river only half way distances between other anglers - No casting lures in front of other anglers!
We recommend to have proper tools/accessories to safety land/unhook the fish

Pictures taken with the App its everyone's responsibility to be clear and visible. A unclear picture means no fish approved. We need to be able to see total length of the Fish on the measuring board,only one hand allowed on the fish when picture is taken- demo how to measure the fish will be posted before the competition!
All fish will be members in cm only!
In case of one or more anglers have the same length at the end of the day,we will check
1. longest fish
2. time of the longest fish caught
3. time of the first fish
4. number of total fish caught on the day

We will have a big sector where all anglers have to fish Sector will be available a week before the competition only to registered Anglers. No competitor will fish outside the sector.
In case of River Barrow will not be fishable we will move the competition on different stretch close by!
In case of bad weather,storm conditions the event will postpone to a different date!