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Spro Drag Master EC-Class

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  • 3 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • One-way anti-reverse clutch
  • Rear drag + Additional Kampf brake
  • Line Capacity: 110 m/0.30 mm Gear Ratio: 5.3: 1 Weight: 336g
  • S 'curve gears made from high quality metal, for optimal line lay

Drag Master EC Class 4300 with rear drag + additional combat Lockable brakes. The Drag Master with multi disc rear drag provides significant advantages compared to a traditional rear drag reel. The patented brake system ensures a very broad focusing radius of rear drag with a simple, smooth twist by finger of additional drag Master Brake button. This quick adjustment of the the you chosen brake adjustment during the drills provides added security during fight with large and Fish fishing. If you're having a sudden increased can be super locked the brake pressure escape, or again Easy with one finger. A big advantage of is this you will the anglers fishing easy to use with thin straps. Feature a thinner straps linked to make much improved bait guidance, less we from the fish and so you can even much more fish on land or in the boot. Whether for Pike, Carp, Trout, Zander, Perch, Tench, eel and many other application lighting and so on. Ideal for spin fishing, Base; the float fishing, fishing bait fishing, boat fishing or also for towing.
Details: 3 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing Additional Battle brake on the rear of the reel one-way anti-reverse clutch s 'curve gears made from high quality metal which is guaranteed for a perfect line lay and long life Extra strong bail system Aluminium spool with line clip plastic replacement spool with line clip balanced rotor extremely finely adjustable multi-disc rear drag system stake CNC aluminium handle line capacity: 110 m/0.30 mm Gear Ratio: 5.3: 1 Weight: 336g