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Misel Zadravec Boilies

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High protein boilies from the house MZCB consist of specific natural ingredients, fresh eggs and made from 30 years of experience of the company Mišel Zadravec Carp Baits - MZCB. As you can see, we now offer you high protein boilies in as many as 8 different flavors and two dimensions 16mm and 20mm. Quick digestibility of boilies to keep fish in our feeder for longer. Due to their attractive scent and exceptional combinations of aromas, we recommend them throughout the year!

  • Dimension:  20mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Flavors: 
  • Krill-Black Pepper
  • Pacific Tuna
  • Banana-Squid
  • Sweetcorn-Tigernuts
  • Monster Crab-Liver
  • Squid-Qctopus
  • Red Spice
  • Colors: Yellow, Brown, Red,black
  • Fresh eggs!