Baracuda Fishing Tackle


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High quality, professional level, pole rollers, The unique design allows the rollers to be adjusted and adapted to suit every bankside situation. The rollers feature : • Special leg design allows the rollers to be used at all heights - from totally flat on the ground up to their maximum height. • End plates with feet/spikes allowing the rollers to be used with the legs completely removed or folded • Quality, heavy-duty, build to ensure the rollers are ultra stable at all heights • Large sectioned telescopic legs have reliable cam-lock fittings • A profiled EVA roller design which eliminates the need for vertical rollers - which can damage pole sections. • Roller sections fitted with multiple bearings for totally smooth operation Total efficiency while fishing and complete protection for your pole. Supplied in carry bag.

Sphere Pro-File Twin Roller 16-92cm 60 cm